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Imaging Chamber Door

The imaging chamber door effects are hit-or-miss in season 2. The quality of the footage is good and they seem to have kept film grain under control, but sometimes Al and the door are semi-transparent rather than a solid bright blown out white that we have come to expect.

The first episode to use it was Blind Faith. The door opens and closes without Al stepping back, and they make a big deal about the German Shepherd scratching at the floor where Al was. I looked ahead and they didn't use the effect for several episodes after that. It's used in Good Night Dear Heart (Al doesn't want to witness the autopsy) and that one is very solid white. It's used in Another Mother (13:15) and Sea Bride. Not sure when else it's used.

Saga Sells

Another Mother (S02E13) was the first episode to use the Saga Sell. It opens with Sam drawing on the chalkboard. It was voiced by Lance Legault and uses music either from or similar to the music in the pilot episode.
All Americans (S02E14) is similar, using the same music, but voiced by Deborah Pratt.
Her Charm (S02E15) introduces new Saga Sell background music which would continue through to the end of the series.

Wrong Title Sequence

Ok so the title sequences aren't so bad.
  • S01E01 - Genesis Pt 1 -- Season 4 Titles
  • S01E02 - Genesis Pt 2 -- this episode, as mentioned, is painfully edited, beyond even the syndication cuts, and uses a Season 4 Saga Sell and Season 3 Titles.
I checked the rest of seasons 2 and 3 and they seemed correct.

More screenshots...

Also here are some more screenshots of the streaming HD version. Would be curious to hear if you think they look the same as the Bluray or if the Bluray is an upgrade...


The Color of Truth

Play it Again Seymour

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