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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Those two things are one and the same because if Sam mastered targeted leaping than he could choose to leap home.

When Al the bartender convinced Sam that he'd always had to option to return home but had to accept control of his own destiny to unlock access to it, he was establishing targeted leaping.

Sam leaping into Beth's living room was targeted leaping.

It just wasn't how he'd had it in mind here.

I found his "part of me is Al" logic sound. It was proven that he and Al had exchanged neurons and mesons in the simul-leap. Perhaps it was a stretch, but it made sense.

Now Sam's apparent intent on leaping into 1945 without a word to Donna even in spite of her breathing down his neck has no validity and was purely cold and inconsiderate.

I concur.
My perspective has morphed quite dramatically upon this discussion prompting me to notice the easily overlooked details that establish how awful the Sam/Donna relationship is.

Al's behavior upon his return, however, still hadn't occurred to me. That's a good point.
It was quite OOC that his initial reaction wasn't to demand an explanation and a status report on Sam. Or at the very least to demand to know if Suzanne was alright.
I don't know if it's THAT out of character... He did love Tina and was extremely happy to be reunited with her. He also probably swiss-cheesed during the leap, meaning he probably didn't remember everything or even anything from 1945 or even understand why he was in the Imaging Chamber...
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