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I'm fond of this episode. It's one of those that deep down I think probably deserves an average rating, but I personally think it's better than that. I like the idea of Sam leaping into a circus act.

This is just a fun episode all in all. I like the character of Eva. She's just so full of life and strong. I like a lot of the minor characters here as well, particularly the fortune teller Sybil. I think it's good that we find out Sam has a fear of heights in this episode. Even though it's never mentioned before or even again (although I sense I'm forgetting one other instance). It gives Sam's mission greater weight.

The only parts I didn't like were those concerning Laszlo. I just didn't feel for the character at all. At the end I still think he's a jerk looking for someone to blame. I also didn't like the actor playing him. I think he was a poor actor in all honesty. I'm also not crazy about the idea of Al running away to the circus. Even though it leads to some funny lines, I just don't buy that for some reason. Knowing his chequered family history I suppose it is theoretically possible. But it just felt tacked on.

My rating. Good. A decent, pleasant episode.
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