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Originally Posted by servo75 View Post
When Sam looked in the silver tray - if he really was a vampire, then technically shouldn't he have at least seen his own reflection? I assume that no reflection means Corrington has no "aura", and he would have seen himself.
This is an impressive observation but I suspect that he was not able to see his own reflection because it's occupied by the leapee in the waiting room.
Note that in 'Mirror Image', the one time he is able to see his own reflection, no one is in the waiting room.

FYI, I maintain that I am not a fan of this episode.
Whilst I am a vampire fan, I find the theme far too reaching for this particular series versus other supernatural-themed episodes such as 'Bman', 'Starlight, Starbright' and 'It's a Wonderful Leap' but Al's fear of vampires and the jokes surrounding it are priceless and are the reason it's worth watching more than once.

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