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I loved it when Sam leapt into women; his reaction when he discovered he'd leapt into a female was always funny. The episodes mentioned all had their moments. My favorite scene in What Price Gloria was when Sam beat the crud out of the creepy boss, and Al was very funny. The scenes with Teresa in Another Mother were my favorite too. And when he beat up the creep in Raped...I cheered. "Al, I think I know why I'm here." And "Great Balls of Fire" in Miss Deep South was my favorite scene in that episode. Scott and Dean were very funny in the "Cuanta La Gusta" scene too. I liked the idea of him being in a female singing group in Song for the Soul. I admire the writers for being open-minded enough to not have Sam leap into men all the time. The direction some of the stories took or character development may have been less than ideal or inconsistent in some cases, but at least they took the time to address the issues in the episodes.

And yes, Sam running around nearly naked in The Wrong Stuff is reason enough to watch that episode.
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