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Originally Posted by Aurora Illusions
I think you are both magnificent. This story has me checking back every few hours to see an update
Thank you very much for all of your kind words. If you would ever like to post a story contribution, then it'll be welcome.

As Anthony picked up his pen and returned to the newspaper, Sam returned to the kitchen. Sam could see Al bent over, while all three children were still huddled around the handlink.

"Al, could I see you for a moment."

"Sure, Sam." Al whispered something to the children that Sam was too far away to hear, and then walked over and whispered to Sam: "Did it work?"

"Yes, it did. I told him I would arrange an adoption for them. Al, do you know where the nearest adoption center is?"

Al clicked on his handlink, and Sam could see the children giggle as it made all sorts of funny noises. "Here's the nearest one, along with a phone number." Sam quickly looked through the nearby drawers for a pen and notepad, and wrote the telephone number down.

"Thanks Al. Could you watch the kids a bit longer?"
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