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Sam return Al's look with a sympathetic smile, before walking over to the nearby telephone. He picked it up and dialed the telephone number that Al gave him.

"St. Joseph's Adoption Center. How may I help you?"

"I'm about to have twins, and I would like to put them up for adoption."

As Sam was on the telephone, Al was having his own problems. He had to tell these children something, but without giving enought information to alter the future beyond what Sam was doing. Besides, he knew that he couldn't tell them their current future.

"Well... Uh... I'm not allowed to give out that information," Al said, trying to hurry and change the subject. "Hey, would you all like to see what this handlink can do?"

A chorus of "yes"es was his response. "Alright then. Watch this." At this, Al made a hologram of a cat appear. The children were in awe, their faces aglow in both wonder and confusion as to what they had just witnessed.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Al said as he turned around and glanced at Sam, hoping that he was doing a good job to make sure the family stayed together.
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