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No worries, Dee. It's great to have as many contributers as possible. Besides, anyone who has been following the story should know that it's out of order. If it makes you feel better, then:

Sam's Crow

Al turned around as he heard Sam say, "Okay, thanks very much. Bye." Sam smiled at Al and gave him thumbs up.

As Sam puts the phone back in its cradle, he motions Al over. "I have an appointment with them tomorrow at one."

"That's great, Sam," Al said. He smacks his hand link with the ball of his hand. "It looks like things have changed in favor of the twins... but only by 12%. You're gonna have to... "

"I know, I know... make a good impression tomorrow."

"You got it," Al said.

The next day, Sam walks up the sidewalk toward the adoption center. He looks down to check the time as he approaches the door, it flies open and nearly hits him. A well-dressed couple rushes out.

Sam sidesteps and mumbles, "Sorry. Excuse me."

The woman locks eyes with him, but Sam tears his gaze away and instinctively puts his hands over his belly. Her eyes narrow. The husband puts his hand on her arm.

"Maddie..." he says.

Maddie looks intently at Sam. "Pardon me, but are you... ?"

Sam nods.

Maddie looks at her husband and back at Sam, a slow smile creeps onto her face.
Besides, this thread has veered off topic many times. I'm thinking at the end of this page of attaching a document in which is simply the stories in chronological order, since I'm sure it may be confusing. Or at the start of the new page (which by my default is every 25 posts).

And Sam's Crow, don't worry about short postings. You've been active here since the beginning, and have made many important plot contributions.
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