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It's probably both. But who's to say what a "trivial" leap is? Maybe rescuing that cat in a tree made the owner happy, who otherwise might have turned out to be traumatized and eventually murder someone later in life? Maybe that's extreme, but you get the point.

If we are to take the stance that the first few leaps were designed to get "Sam's feet wet" (which would be logical even by GFTW's apparent standards), we also have to take into consideration that the "trivial" leaps still occurred well beyond the first few leaps. Case in point: "Shock Theatre" where Sam leapt in to teach Tibby how to read (among others).

The bottom line is that I think it's both. I don't believe any leap was trivial. And just because Ziggy didn't project the outcome right away, or in some cases at all, doesn't mean any leap was less validated.

Going back to the Bartender in "Mirror Image" again: "Do you really think that all you've done was change a few lives?" to which Sam replies: "Technically, yes." If we as an audience think particular leaps were trivial, this conversation reveals that Sam believed his ENTIRE leaping experience was trivial!

"At the risk of overinflating your ego, Sam, you've done more..."
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