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Respectfully I must disagree with the word trivial.
Ever hear the chaos theory which was expressed in the film The Butterfly Effect?:

"It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world."

Everything one does in life is significant in some way. Let's look at Nona's bingo game in Double Identity.
The first time when she didn't win that game perhaps she gave up on bingo. This could have led to her spending the rest of her nights alone which led to depression and illness so she died a month or two later.
Remember how much it lit up her face when Sam called her winning number? Her hope and enjoyment of the game which it's implied was at it's breaking point would be restored. So instead of giving up on the game she continues to play. Lets say this leads to her meeting a man she falls for and marries and she lives ten maybe twenty more years.

Here's another scenario using the bingo game. I'm not familiar with official bingo but am assuming you receive a money prize for winning. So lets say in the altered version Nona donated her winnings to a family whose little boy needed surgery for a hole in his heart.
In the first version when she lost the game that family might have been too short of the amount needed to provide their son with life saving surgery and thus he died.

See. Though it might not have been direct like with say Gloria, Sam still could have very well saved a life with that simple bingo game.

The only one that still doesn't make sense is the 'Peggy Sue' lyrics. Obviously Sam would not have known them had Buddy Holly not managed without him.

On the subject of why the tasks only became more direct as he progressed in leaping, lets not forget that at least in some situations Al the Bartender is right; Sam is controlling his leaps. I'll provide two quick examples:
1.) Thou Shalt Not: Al waves Sam off after successfully stoping Irene's affair but Sam says "I don't think so." Then once he reunited the father and daughter he says "Now" and leaps. Seems to me like he stayed for that because he wanted to. It was extra credit.
2.) What Price Gloria: Sam gets his 'very feminine' revenge on Buddy but pleads "Not yet" so he can relieve himself of the high heels (I'm a gal and I don't blame him, those things would murder my feet if I could even manage to walk on them, not to mention they're hideous). Then he says "I'm ready to leap now".

Obviously in these and a few other instances he doesn't realize what he's doing which is why he can't do every time but look closely at these examples, he's deciding when to leap.

Here's my theory: he started with the more simple tasks subconsciously because he had no idea what he was doing. Don't forget that at first he doesn't understand the significance of using his traveling to change lives. Hence his own little agenda with Donna in Star Crossed. Another thing you can see in this episode is that he doesn't understand the QL rules:
"What idiot made that rule!?"
You can see the heavy contrast in season 3's 'The Leap Home' pts 1 and 2 when he'd come to see the significance of the rules but chose to defy them for once again his own agenda.

So it was a learning process but I still believe GTFW had to be playing some role and could have needed him to do those indirect simple tasks to show him Al the Bartender's point of:
"The lives you touch touch others, and those lives others..."
Perhaps even his changing his own fate with Donna was intended as there is a lesson in that as well which although is not discussed in The Leap Back, is portrayed beautifully in the novel Mirror's Edge. The same can be claimed of Sam's saving Tom's life. The novel also suggests a brilliant ripple effect of that.

Ghandi once said "Everything we do in life will be insignificant, but it's important that we do them because no one else will."

I just realized that this could be interpreted as a double negative and refer to things like the bingo game which could save a dying child's life. The bingo game itself is insignificant but how it can effect someone else is why Nona needed to play and win because she's the only one who could create that effect.

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