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My best guess on why Don has mislead us -

Those deleted scenes were only created as a hook to motivate NBC to renew the show for a 6th season. By breaking new grounds in what show could be about and used a marketing angle for the network.

BUT once the show was cancelled he had mixed feelings about whether those scenes were ever a good idea. I suspect that Don planned to return the series to its normal formula sometime in season 6. With no season 6 what do those scenes accomplish?

He always hoped, and still does hope the show would be revived. Perhaps he was saving that stuff if the show ever came back. Or not be beholden to those ideas if the show comes back.

I really wish at least we had seen Al and Beth together in the future. It would have given some closure. But than it raises the question of how long the episode would have been. Mirror Image as aired was standard length for the time. It reads like it would have run at least 5 or even 10 minutes longer.

I would love to see all that was filmed. I suspect all that is controlled by Don or Universal. Don is so mysterious to this day. So vague on the script he is writing and what it’s chances of getting made are. While Universal has done nothing with the show. DVDs had music cut and it took an outside company to release the show on Blu Ray.
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