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The above photos are the culmination of 12 years of work off-and-on by Replica Props and represents, as close as possible, the version 11* Handlink as seen in nearly every episode of Quantum Leap during seasons 4 and 5.

The electronics have been a 2 year journey and I have just ordered what I hope will be the production Handlink v11 PCB which will provide accurate blinking lights with adjustable speed, remastered sound effects triggered by capacitive touch, and shock-triggered sounds as Al would express frustration with the Handlink. I hope everyone is satisfied with the design. Here is a video of the revision 2 board in a prototype case:

*Most episodes also showcased version 10 (introduced in the latter half of season 3) which has a different rivet arrangement, an additional yellow half block in the upper left corner, and slightly less sophisticated blinking of the upper middle green blocks.

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