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While on the subject of Thou Shalt Not, something else that irked me was the fact that the family's problems were all caused by the son Danny's death. Why didn't Sam just leap to save Danny? I have similar issues with "Goodnight Dear Heart", "Play It Again Seymour", "Trilogy Part 1" and "Raped" - if there has been a disaster, why is Sam there to pick up the pieces instead of preventing the disaster?

Anyway, back to my list of worst episodes:

All Americans: Hispanic stereotypes, the cartoony over-the-top moustached villain, and a resolution that leaves us all scratching our heads. The only saving grace I can find for this episode is that it does a slightly better job at incorporating the culture into the plot than "Thou Shalt Not", i.e. the mother being taken advantage of because of her status as an undocumented immigrant.
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