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I am curious who posted it. No doubt Allison posting the pictures sparked someone’s memories and motivated them to find it. It might have been in a old box buried in their attic or garage for decades.

I am not surprised it was shot. The pictures alone were proof of that. Ever since that it raises the question of why Don was so dishonest with us? I suspect the cancellation and everything around the show ending hurt him. Clearly he wanted the show to continue but did not want it to end on an unresolved cliffhanger.

The world has changed a lot since than. There are a lot more venues for shows continuing after cancellation. Plus if the show ended today that ending would probably appear on DVD with no secrecy.

Complete silly attempt at mind reading -he hoped if the show came back, maybe years later, he would not be tied to a cliffhanger for a next season that never happened. The largely negative fan reactions to the finale bothered him more than we know. That he it did not think it was worth explaining what he was trying to do. Once again, that footage was setup for a season 6 that was denied to him. Taking about things you wished had turned out differently can be very painful.

I think someone needs to do a fan funded Documentary for Quantum Leap like has been done for Deep Space Nine. It think it’s the only way we would discover some of our answers. By interviewing a lot of different people who worked on the show. They might have slightly different memories and opinions, but that is how life is. Might turn up a better film copy of that ending too.
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