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I think it’s possible the space bar was filmed. Scott said he remembers that more than one ending was filmed. Really when you think about it Al and Beth is only ending. Most of the complaints all these years about the finale was because that was cut and we got the screen description instead.

It occurred to me after Allison first found the pictures. The big mistake Don made was telling us that in text. Which had never been used in the whole series. Instead it should have been a vocal narration from Scott as Sam. Sam narrating his thoughts in episodes was a major element of the series. It would have been written more personal. Showing Sam knew Al and Beth were together and happy. “But for now I am still leaping putting right what once went wrong”. I think that is what Don was trying to say. Which would have left the door open for the show to return without the “never returned home” part. Which was from the point of view of when Al and Beth are celebrating their anniversary. Just not yet eturned home not never ever... I wonder if Don would admit with the short notice he made a choice wished he could do over.

Ultimately on the Space Bar - originally we all thought none of this stuff could have been shot. Even Susan Diol when shown the pictures last year thought it was just a rehearsal. Clearly she forgot. There have been so many surprises already, it’s certainly possible more are to be discovered!
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