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Default At Last! A Screen Accurate Functional Gummy Bear Handlink!

One of the dreams of any true Quantum Leap fan has finally been answered,and boy was it worth the wait! “Feldon30” had sent me a message many months ago,about “ReplicaProps” working on a project to build a screen accurate,fully functioning replica is Al’s “Gummy Bear” handlink and I just ran across a video on YouTube of the completed handlink and it’s fantastic!
For the amount of effort put into this the price is a bargain! I have to compliment feldon30 and ReplicaProps for their dedication,research and hard work in bringing this to life! Absolutely amazing! Now maybe you guys can get to work on a replica of als car from the first episode. How about a fully functioning imaging chamber? I don’t ask much,do I? Lol!

Hers a link!

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