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Originally Posted by isz
Oh...And what are you saying about Ziggy and Al hard time to find out what happend to Kiki's brother?! Especially after you see in the end of the episode she got a letter saying her brother plain will Land in 18 hours.
Unless Sam,somehow,changed her brother fate too...
Kiki's brother was working a special ops assignement and Al states that it's hard to get the information on where he was and what he was doing in 'Nam. A similar problelm is encountered with Operation Lazarus in "The Leap Home, pt 2". As it is a top secret mission, it's not going to be just "lying around" where any computer can find the information. Al does say that they'll try to track him down in present day but, obviously, that's not the top priority on Al's mind.

Originally Posted by isz
Don't take it the wrong way,people but every time i mentioning hairstyling,outfits and so on during QL episodes There is someone,who's taking it too seriously...Come on- All i said she looked weird to me,i didn't say anything else. It was just a note,And i didn't expect anyone to take it too seriously,not mentioning analyzing it. Come on...
I guess it's because everytime you do make a comment, it comes out as a negative. It doesn't seem as if you're weighing in the fact that this is a period piece and each episode should reflect the period it's set in with regards to hair and fashion.

Not for nothing and I certainly mean no disrespect but it seems as if every episode you review you find something negative to point out. Now that's certainly your right but it does beg the question, if you see this many "defects" in the series, why do/did you watch and how do you like it? I'm not saying that in order to like something you never see something wrong with it - it's more the point that you so rarely point out something positive but state all your negatives that leaves me scratching my head and wondering.
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