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Originally Posted by jmoniz
A review does not always have to be the negative neither is criticism always negative either. Perhaps that's where people are getting lost. It's that you seldom bring up anything that you liked about an episode so it gives the illussion that you don't like the series.
Yes what Julia explained above me is exactly what I meant when I brought this up in the Running for Honor thread. That you had just struck me as not really a huge fan of the show because it seems you had nothing good to say about any of the episodes. That was then though now I have seen a lot more positives in your reviews.

When you review a movie or TV show what you disliked is important yes, but when people read a review they are more looking for what was likeable about it thats how a show or movie catches people's interests and ecourages them to see it.

Originally Posted by jmoniz
You're right, not every episode is perfect. There are flaws in the series. I don't think anyone ever said that there wasn't. I think the real question was if you can only see the negative...why bother? Of course, it's your right to think whatever you want about the episodes and to say whatever your opinion is. On the other hand it's also my right and everyone else's right to question you on your opinion or to state an opinion that's the opposite.
Adding to this, all TV shows have flaws hun thats what makes them interesting to talk about and thus what makes message boards like this possible. You just throw people off becuase some of your reviews seem to not focus on anything but the flaws. When we expect members here to talk more about what we love about Quantum Leap. I am not trying to tell you to change; Your reviews are fine the way they are you are very entiled to your method as I stated in the Running for Honor thread. I am just trying to help Julia prepare you in case others also question you.

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