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Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD View Post
Wow! Everything about this episode is quite memorable. One of Deborah's best screenplays, if not THE best. Everything ran so smoothly. Every character was very likable, even the "bad guys". Up until this point, the show was either a hit or a miss. Then comes along a mind-blower like The Color Of Truth and now you know people (and even more people) is going to stick around. What a commentary, and inside a very simple story! I think this is the episode for which QL is remembered, even to this day.

There's no single thing I dislike about this ep. Also loved the fact that the leaping effects had improved here. One of the first ones I keep playing whenever I decide to watch the whole first season again. For some reason, everytime I see this ep., I want to taste that soup Sam is preparing.

My rating: Excellent.
Just make sure you have some salt on hand :P
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