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Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD View Post
The first episode with the "Ziggy" voice-over introduction (even if it was a man here - great thing they immediately switched it after this ep.).
I thought Bellisario veteran Lance LeGault's reading was a bit over-the-top melodramatic and I'm glad they replaced it too. I just surfed IMDB to double-check my spelling and I see that he passed away in 2012. R.I.P.

Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD View Post
By the way, that neighborhood were they lived looked a lot like the one that was used in the music video for the song "Subdivisions" by the rock-prog band "Rush" (a favorite of mine).
I'm not familiar with that video, but one scene near the end of this episode looked exactly like Elliot's neighborhood in E.T. to me.

Another oddity I noticed in this episode that hasn't been mentioned yet: once, when Al vanishes to be re-centered elsewhere, a cloud of multicolored glittery sparkles briefly appear in his place. Very cartoonish IMO. Was that effect ever seen in any other episode?
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