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Following up now that I've finished the episode. An excellent episode. It truly shows the way life in the South was before the Civil Rights movement (and still quietly is, in some people's minds). I love how, as stubborn as Miss Melny is with the way she was raised, she saw the light and the townspeople had too much respect for her to behave otherwise.

About the train: There is no Alabama and Pacific Railroad. (It's to be expected that television writers make up names for places and businesses.) The locomotive shown in the episode is the Savannah and Atlanta Railway's Locomotive 750. At the time of filming, it was owned by Southern Railway (which is now Norfolk Southern - the railroad that goes past my house [see above post]), and was used as an excursion locomotive for steam trips. If you want to see it in person, head to Duluth, GA and visit the Southeastern Railway Museum.

This episode gets an "Excellent" rating in my book.
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