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Two excellent episodes in a row here. While Double Identity makes my top 5, The Color of Truth is more of a top 10 episode. Still brilliant, though. One of the most famous episodes of them all, The Color of Truth sees Sam leap into Jesse Tyler, chauffeur to an elderly southern woman. The Driving Miss Daisy dynamic between Sam and Miss Melny is beautiful to watch. To see her slowly begin to embrace change, and accepting that part of herself that always knew that change needed to happen was beautiful to see.

My favourite part of this episode has to be Al getting through to Miss Melny. It was a dramatic, humorous and confusing moment all in one. I don't believe Miss Melny was senile or crazy, so she shouldn't have been able to here Al. I guess like in the end of MIA, this is one time when GTFW decided that Al needed to become present in the past, if only for a fraction of a second.

The message of this episode is powerful. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must have been to have been a black man or a black woman living in the south during this period of history. Themes like this will be touched on again in the series, but it's never better than this one. The ending scene makes me smile every single time.

My rating. Excellent. A stellar effort by Deborah Pratt.
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