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Default Chapter 3

chapter 3

Al was looking out of the office window trying to find his bearings in his new time and place suddenly he heard behind him the sound of the imaging chamber door open and close.

Al knew this time would come for him to explain himself.

he turned around and he saw Gooshie looking back at him not looking to happy.

Al's memory was like a ice berg his memory was leaving him fast and he says to Gooshie

"I have to find Sam"

Gooshie looks down at the multi-coloured handlink infront of him taps the device very carefully and says.

"Dr beckett is here"

"first tell me why you leaped without telling anyone you where going to go after Sam?"

Al looked really uncomfortable but continued to say.

"my memory is leaving me fast but i had too his present needs Sam as much as time does. because if i dont pull Sam out who will?"

gooshie listening very carefully even tho he didn't really approve he understood why....

and the next thing Al said was.

"wheres Sam?"


like any leap Sam was getting use to his new surroundings he already learnt from his dog tags from around his neck he had leaped into someone called

"scott woods"

and he was a new army recruit suddenly gooshie appears behind Sam and he turns around. Shocked to see him of stead of Al he quickly says to the head programmer.

"wheres Al?"

the head programmer taps the link and says

"Al is here he has quantum leaped to bring you home Sam"

Sam was in complete shock but he smiled thinking of home and what it would be like to return home back to his own time and place.

even tho Sam was traveling through time apart of him did want to go home because he did miss home. but another part of him did want to carry on leaping putting right what once went wrong. because even tho he was lost in time he was making a difference.

sam said to the hologram

"i cant go back not until i know why am here?"

gooshie quickly taps the handlink the device in his hands glows red, yellow and green and some information appears on the device.

meanwhile project quantum leap......

both Sam's and Als body was both in the waiting room and both visitors was confused as each other.

both people had seen there reflections inbeded in the table in the mirror.

"how is it possable we both look different in thr mirror?" said scott talking from Sam's body.

"i don't know i honesty don't know" from the person who looked like Al.

with both of them feeling like they have both been kidnapped and are now prisoners in some kind of prisoner cell.

Al said to Sam

"at all costs we need to escape from this cell"

"am with you" said scott
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