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Originally Posted by naggindragon
What I don't understand is the huge rush for Sam to leap into Al before Al's car was pushed over the edge of the cliff. Isn't the purpose of a time machine to travel to ANY time. If Al HAD died, couldn't Sam just leap into him at a time when he was still alive during Al's leap?

LOL how confusing!
I'd wondered about that, too. My theory is that, once they get a lock on the Leaper, the two timelines are in sync and the Accelerator would automatically send him to the 'present' of the Leaper's timeline - such as into Al, right before the car went over the cliff because that was what was about to happen right then. Okay... did not explain that very well at all, did I?

It's a theory with a lot of holes, I know... but it's better than nothing.
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