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Originally Posted by Trudy View Post
Transcription of the scene in question:

Al: Ziggy showed me a bunch of newspaper stories. And they're all slanted against the victim.
Sam: It doesn't change the truth.
Al: What if it wasn't the truth?
Sam: Oh, come on, Al. Katie was raped. You know that.
Al: I dunno, I'm just saying that she wasn't raped by Kevin.
Sam: What?
Al: Ziggy says that there's a 47% chance that the rape occurred after she left Kevin.
Sam: What does Katie say?
Al: She says Kevin raped her.
Sam: Well, I think that Katie's telling the truth, don't you?
Al: Okay, let me play devil's advocate, okay? Katie and Kevin go out to dinner, they go out to a restaurant. They have a couple of glasses of wine and then they go out for a drive. They go out to Fort Conkite and they get into a little romantic discussion. The discussion turns to kissing and pretty soon the kissing gets passionate and then the passion gets into na-na-na daht-daht. You know?
Sam: Yeah, yeah.
Al: Okay, you know, then when they’re done, just say for some reason they get into an argument.
Sam: About what?
Al: I don’t know, say, oh, another woman. There’s always another woman. Katie gets angry, she gets outta the car and hitches a ride home."
Sam: And gets picked up by strangers.
Al: Hummm... Or … it could just be one guy! He sees that she’s tipsy and he sees that she’s hurt, she’s alone... He takes advantage of her. He rapes her, roughs her up, drops her at a hospital. Who’s the guy? She doesn’t know; she never saw him before. But she’s hurt and angry and humiliated, so who’s the only guy she can take it out on?"
Sam: Kevin.
Al: Bingo!
Sam: Only it didn’t happen that way.
Al: But you don’t know that for sure.

I have absolutely no idea why it would be permissible for anyone to every question the account of someone who has been raped. Maybe Al was really just playing devil's advocate, but it is ridiculous for him to bring up something like this in the first place. Rape victims already get a lot of unnecessary flack over the very, very, very few false charges made every year; this just perpetuates the idea that people cry rape out of a need for revenge.

The last thing that a victim of sexual assault needs is for someone not to believe their story when they finally pull forth the courage to come forward and speak about it.
I think that Al is doing the right thing by playing Devil's Advocate, since he knows that these are exactly the arguments that the defence would be putting forward at the trial. Remember, they have to prove that Kevin is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. A 47% chance that she was raped by someone else brings in plenty of doubt. They're trying to get all the facts straight so that they have the best possible chance to get Kevin convicted.

I'm not for a second saying that rape victims deserve to not be believed, and I know exactly how hard it is for them and their families - my sister was recently raped by one of my own (former) friends in our house. But Al is exactly right, if Sam and Al are to get justice for Katie, they need to get all of the facts straight, to make sure that their actions are going to have the desired effect, i.e. having the rapist be convicted.
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