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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post

Also, perhaps more foreshadowing or plot context relating to the Evil Leapers. I know that this may have been followed-up on if the series had not ended, but it seemed a trifle out-of-the-blue that they appeared when they did. Hence, I would have much preferred that there was more time dedicated not just to a love relationship between Sam and Alia, but an actual story line that would have more logically explained their presence.
I think Sam had a few very close love affairs during the seasons, I'm thinking Abigail Fuller from trilogy, Tamlyn the psychic and even Alia he had a thing with unless he was playing her to leap out of that circumstance. It was never expanded on what his wife Donna Elisee felt about these intense love affairs, it was merely touched upon in The Leap Back episode.

I would have also liked to have seen a backstory to the Evil leapers, now that that we have a series reboot we can maybe see their real origin, being 30 years since QL ended and 22 years since the QL timeline ended it would be appropriate for them to have even founded in year 2022 in the present day with glimpses of Alia and Zoe popping up in this new season reboot.
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