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Originally Posted by QL Nut View Post
Do we still have the spoiler tags? Spoilers ahead!

All in all, I enjoyed the episode. The fast pace was a bit jarring and probably a mistake to lay out all of the exposition so quickly let alone in a single episode. Granted, it was probably the case in the original series that many facts were not yet even established and it was a mid-season replacement. I will even go so far as to say "Genesis" was probably even too slow and dull. We definitely hit the ground running this time.

I personally didn't care for the flippant reference to Al ("he died last year")...sigh. The dedication to Dean somewhat made up for that, but these characters needed a bit more respect, in my opinion. I understand why we can no longer have proper television intros, and so the 'saga cell' if we can even bother calling it that serves the entire purpose. I am disappointed we didn't get to hear Deborah Pratt speak as Ziggy as I was pretty sure she would have had some lines in the episode.

It seems apparent to me that they didn't really put much of the budget into special effects such as the leap effect. This was obvious in the first few episodes, or really the entire first season of the original. The ultimate issue I see here is pacing and catering to a younger generation with a shorter attention span. More James Bond-action and less human drama. I look forward to giving this a chance and it looks like some really interesting concepts are coming up. Also, we now have 30 new years to add for leaps to be within our new lifetime.

I do think it is an interesting twist to now have the leaper and the hologram as engaged romantic partners. Addison took the news pretty easily that her fiancÚ all of a sudden no longer remembers her. That probably should have been fleshed out a little more before we jumped directly into leaping. I enjoyed it but so far but it definitely is a different show.

How would you have preferred they mention Al had died? There is only so many ways to say someone dies.

Deborah Pratt did the opening saga cell and got an onscreen credit, which is more than she got in the original series. I am sure Ziggy will be speaking before too long. That has already been confirmed.

The leaps will be outside of Ben's lifetime. The 3rd episode is set in 1977 and the 5th one is in the old West in the 1870s. My theory is that the code Ben downloaded to Ziggy before he leaped changed that he could only leap in his lifetime because Ben is trying to locate Sam and to do that he would have to be able to leap beyond 1985. The point in time where Ben is trying to go is probably previous to 1985.

If the show wasn't different to the original people would complain about it being too similar or something. You thought they were too quick to get into the plot and others thought they were dragging it out too much and wanted more about different characters. Someone always has a complaint about something. I love the original and like the new show. I will continue watching and I hope others do to. Hopefully Ben finds Sam and Scott Bakula will appear on the show.
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