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Default The TEA Program on TVS!

To allow everyone to be as involved, we have a program called TEA - The Episode Adoption program - and here is how it works:

Starting at the sixth season (our first here), you sign up to become the "guardian" of one episode. Once you have turned in that TEA synopsis information, you may then choose another TEA to adopt. Then, when all of the synopsis' for the season have been posted, the second season episodes would be made available for adoption, and so on until all past seasons are complete!

Do not request an episode until that season is made available please.*

Guardians type up a synopsis, which will be posted to that page in the episode guide. For example, some of the things you can include within the synopsis are:

Name of the Person Leaped Into
Project Trivia
Sam Trivia
Al Trivia
Miscellaneous Trivia (how many times Al popped in and scared Sam, how many cigars Al smoked, etc)
Al's Outfits Worn in the Episode
Personal Review
Best Line
Best Scene
Worst thing about the episode
Say what? (AKA things in the episode that make no sense)
Quotable Quotes
*Actor/Actress you think would be/would have been (if the actor/actress has died) great in this role ((thanks Eleiece))

All you have to do is email me first with your choice of episode to make sure no one else already has it.

This is first come, first serve, so get your request in ASAP!

We have 18 for The Sixth Season:

601 Double The Leap, Double The Danger - Steven Beckett
602 Silent Victims - Lady Kayoss
603 Conundrum - Steven Beckett
604 I’m Getting Married In Absentia
605 Reunion
606 Kicks
607 Queen Of The Night
608 I’ll Be Home For Christmas I
609 I’ll Be Home For Christmas II
610 Battle Scars
611 Danger In The Sky
612 Garage Band
613 Leap On A Wire
614 Pandelerium
615 Curse Of The Dead Camper
616 Triple Threat
617 Intersection With A Leaper
618 Hostile Takeover I

The following code will be used: Your name will be in:
Blue = Any other episodes will be in blue!
Red = if you adopted an episode!
Green = if you turned in and completed the episode!

All I ask is that you don't formatt what you do in any way. To get the information on the site, it's easier if it's not done. Thanks!

So... anyone interested in doing one?

The Virtual Seasons Team

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