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I have the two wristlink photos from post #12 in that topic, but nothing of the eBay page itself. None of the images in the first post show up for me.

I have posted some info on the "Starbright" neon pinback badge before, not sure if it's already somewhere here at Al's Place or not but I'll repeat what I can remember:
It was a 100% unmodified, "found" item. Before QL ever went on the air, I remember seeing an easel-style display just inside the entrance of a Best Products store (R.I.P.) with the star and at least one other badge style, possibly two or three. I was probably in junior high or the first or second year of high school at the time, and couldn't afford to buy one for myself, and couldn't get anyone to buy one for me. They were rather expensive, as I recall. Other shapes I remember were a rainbow and a palm tree - those might have been in one badge or they might have been in separate badges. The rainbow I seem to remember had an optional special effect; it could be made to run a simple animation in which it would gradually illuminate from one end toward the other, then go off and start from the end again. I think the other shapes could be set to blink or perhaps also do the slow fade-from-one-end thing. They must not have sold very well, because I've never seen any of them again apart from the few QL episodes with Al's star, and the 2009 LeapCon photos. I think only the star was a plain white color (looks blue on film/TV but this is a known quirk of "white neon" - the same effect occurs on the Back to the Future DeLorean). The other neon badges were multicolored.

Thank you for your words of praise. I fully intend to post photos and videos when I've completed my replica(s). I'm currently working on some additional photos, text and such for an article on the handlink LEDs and how they were modified to make the props. It may be a few weeks before I get it posted, and I think I need to edit a photo and some of the text in the article I already posted at A.S.A.P. too.
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