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Originally Posted by jbeebus2 View Post
I'm in the process of making a handlink for myself [...] Can anyone tell me the dimensions please? I'm not overly fussed about specific blocks, just the height and width at its tallest/widest point, and how thick the actual handlink is. Would really appreciate it! I've been colour-matching a schematic of it, as best I can, so that I can source the right tint acryllic, but in order to print measure the shapes on the schematic I need a starting point :-) Thanks!
I need to redo my drawing of it, as the dimensions I have written are partly based on some old erroneous info. However, it's very roughly 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall in its maximal dimensions. The clear center section is nominally 1/2 inch thick (acrylic sheets' actual thicknesses are slightly smaller than their nominal sizes). Total thickness at the thickest parts is about one inch.

You mentioned a "schematic" - is this one you've found online, or one you've made yourself? I know of one posted online by Robert "Replicaprops" Werden that has several errors in colors, shapes and thicknesses. I offered to send him an updated version if he would send me his original vector file, but he refused, so all I have is a sloppy reworked version of the rasterized image file. That reworked version is also outdated and needs to be re-done to incorporate some new insights.
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