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This is a mindblowing discovery!

I can't decide what's more mindblowing, that bestie and I have never heard of this ending (and I just Facebook IMed the video to her) or that Bellisario lied about its existence. That has me slightly questioning my respect for him but I digress.

I found the contrast of Beth telling Al that he needed to leap to find Sam from Donna in 'The Leap Back' attempting to stop Sam from leaping to save Al brilliant. It illustrates what a stronger and more mature couple Al and Beth are.

This raises a significant question; Sam made the conscious decision not to return home, so would he appreciate being found? Would Al be able to convince him to come home?
This is assuming Al would find him at all. What are the chances of that with no clues to pursue since the whole idea is that Ziggy can no longer track Sam? How would he go about it?

The fact that there are images of this scene suggests that it was filmed. I hope that now that it's out in the open, it'll be released. I want very much to see it.

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