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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
But I wouldn't be surprised if Al had some sense that Sam kept leaping because he wanted to. He made a lot of cracks throughout the series about Sam the Boy Scout and in 'Play Ball' he says specifically, "If it was up to you you'd save everybody."
I agree with this and I wasn't specific enough in my comment. The idea of Sam being completely trapped in time unable to go home is what's disturbing for me. It conjures up a sense that he's helpless. I much prefer to think of him as having the control and having the choice, and that eventually he would realize that it isn't selfish for him to choose to go home.
That was my thought as well.Sam thinks others too much.How many times he almost lost in people he's leapt into and gets really emotional about their problems?
Thinking him as helpless is depressing for me but hoping that he will decide to go back to his family&friends somewhere in time sounds much better.
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