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Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Those are very stereotypical though, so if that's how the show was intending to hint at it, there were better ways to do it. Again, I realize that a lot of this had to do with when the show aired, and they had to be very careful about presenting certain things then. The producers of the show were courageous in many of the things they did tackle and I do appreciate that. I just notice the things that fall short too.
Right, what happened there was simply Al being prejudice. My guess was that they wanted to show someone in the present time still feeling that homosexuality is wrong.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
It's understandable, but looking at all the different leapees Sam mind-merged with it seems pretty selective.
You seem to be forgetting that the mind merging concept is not random nor is it related to love. It's caused by trauma (emotional or physical) or mental instability. Though I have no idea what Will Kinman's excuse was there were a lot of unrealistic and senseless elements throughout Trilogy. Not to mention season five directly broke every rule at some point.
Would it have been interesting here? Absolutely but it just wouldn't have fit with the rules of the concept.

Originally Posted by blue_enigna
But yeah, the real life explanation is they would've gotten backlash if they'd played it any other way than for laughs.
Not to mention season five was already in enough trouble without taking such risks.

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