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Part 2

The terminator rides his bike off road and drives towards the quantum leap mountain driving across the desert in a direct line the mountain in the distance that is glowing blue and just like Sam's leaping it self it looked like the mountain was being washed over all the time with quantum leap energy all over.

The reflection of the mountain showed on the terminators sun glasses as he drove at top speed towards project quantum leap.

Not long after this the motor cycle pulls up into the parking lot of the project the machine gets off his bike and starts to walk towards the main doors.

CCTV cameras picks up the T101 and the agents watch the screens showing the footage coming from the outside CCTV cameras closely wondering who this new stranger truly was.

As the T101 was about to open the main doors officers come out and the machine just stands there looking at the officers closely in front of him waiting for there response.

The officers say to the machine

"can we help you? Can we see your ID please?"

His head moved like a CCTV camera and replies to the men. Like a machine.

"no.... Here's my ID"

The terminator takes out a shotgun and shots both of them in the chest they fly crashing through the main doors as the gun fire shots them at point blank range.

He steps over their dead bodies and a alarm starts to rings out in the project. An open wide emergency alarm rings out.

The machine walks down the hall way with super confidence and as each officer comes out to face the killer the machine kills each one coldy and fast aiming his weapon and open firing and stepping over there bodies as they fall down one after the other.

Al in the main control room starts to hear the alarm ring out and he says to the head programmer.

"what's going on?"

The programmer replies

"admiral we have an emergency" looking on a hear by computer

" an intruder has entered the base admiral we don't know who he is but he seems to be killing officers and everyone one after the other we have to call the army at once."

"AL says we can't remember project quantum leap is top serect we can't involve other agents all we can do is try and get out of here a live and run."

The programmer nods and

Says "but what about Sam? We can't just leave him trapped in the past."

Al replies "theres nothing we can do for him now we will have to try and help him later we need to save ourselves first so we can help save later."

Without even thinking Al hits a red button on the wall and a automated voice says

"alert, alert code 1 base under attack use emergency exits at once." and starts to repeat the message.

As AL turns around trying to head for the exit the terminator enters the room clearly looking like he has been in the wars with bullet marks all over his body showing silver.

Al stopping dead in his tracks and says to the stranger

"who are you?"

The terminator takes out a machine gun and opens fire killing both AL and the head programmer and everyone in the room.

After the gun fire smoke gently raises from the gun barrels.

And More army personnel enters the room and like before he shots them to the ground not one being a good match for the T101.

The Arnold mobel heads for the waiting room and shots the door clear off its hinges and enters the blue room of the room.

The red screen vision looks and scans Sam in the room.

His body is scanned and a match read out appears across his vision it reads.

Dr Sam beckett....match
Terminate Dr Sam beckett!......

Sam gets up from the chair he was sat in and with the John Connor personner in his body he trys to run away from the cyborg but it's too late and Arnold opens fire and Sam hits the ground dead....

The machine sees across his vision...

Dr Sam beckett terminated

Mission complete.....

The cyborg leaves the building and gets back on his motorcycle and pulls up his shirt and jacket he shows his chest he takes a knife out from his jacket pocket and starts cutting into his chest with the knife after cutting deep in the tissue he takes and rips off his chest mid section showing his machine combat system underneath.

The chest compartment suddenly opens showing two off his fuel cells he takes one out of his chest and the compartment closes again automatically hiding the remaining fuel cell he starts to ride his motorcycle pulling away from the car park and the project and he throws the fuel cell behind him causing it to explode and the whole project goes up in a mushroom cloud and the terminator rides his bike at top speed to avoid the shock wave.

Meanwhile back in the future in the war between the humans against the machines.

Sam walks into a army briefing room and a tech comm says to Sam.

"John we have just been informed sky net has used its temporal weapon and has sent another terminator into time the purpose we are not sure yet but what we do know is we need to send a protecter at once to go after him."

Suddenly Sam's mind starts to slowly merge with John Connors mind and he says to the tech comm

" OK let's capture a terminator.... "

End of part 2
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