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Originally Posted by bluedana
I love that the writer was able to capture that, and didn't just make them EVIL RACISTS. In the end, it's the fact that the Grand Wizard loves his family that makes him call off the lynching. Does he change his attitude? Probably not, but he's a deeply flawed but human person.
This is the one of the reasons why I favor this episode as well. It would have been so easy to write the characters as carictures of the "evil racist". It's so much easier to hate them that way. Instead, as the characters are written, they're just people. The dichotomy between how they act towards each other and their irrational hatred is so poignant. It doesn't take much to imagine the confusion that Sam's feeling toward these people. They're simple people who feel about their family and neighbors the same way Sam's parents did but they stand for everything his parents taught him to hate.
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