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Default The Rod-files

Enter if you will, the deranged presence of He who would rename all around him.

The Rod-ternet, ROD'S Place, and so many others. Those of us that are blessed to count him a friend roll our eyes with a laugh in our throats at his various antics. And let's not forget his classic sign-outs... such as "Rod Out" and recently, the Migrane inducing "He's a Hot Rod Baby!"

It's enough to make you want to brain him upside the head with a Rodster's Dictionary!!!

For the record: The Rod was calling himself that waaaaay before "The Rock" came into play (although I DO know that The Rod is stealing some of The Rock's famous lines... "Jamokie this and that"...), so please don't fault him the way I first did.

Speaking of that, check out the following!!

Rod out... I mean...

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