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Question Procedure?

Quick question for anyone who feels like answering it. I wanted to put an avatar under my name, but I don't have any pictures from my hard drive, so I would have to get them from a website. Now, I may be sounding paranoid and over-concerned, but in this day and age, it is better to look silly and ask than guess and end up doing something wrong.

Anyone who got an avatar from a different website, how did you go about doing that? Did you have to ask the website, put some type of copyright tag disclaiming that as your own, or could you just literally paste the link to the picture onto the avatar option screen on this site and be done? Again, this is for a picture on a website, and not one that I downloaded (I already tried posting the picture in question, and it did fit, so I have no problems there). I just want to do this the "right" way, and not cause any problems down the road.

If the above was confusing in some way, then I am looking for the legal way to put up an avatar, and not the steps to put the avatar on my profile.

Thank you.
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