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Originally Posted by Sam_Are_Ethan View Post
Actually, both, and it's still the same. I see what you're asking, but no, it's not replaced music. It was there all along. Please someone with access to these episodes check this out, so at least you let me know that you also noticed these tunes. The Runaway episode is one example, but like I said, another one would be "8 1/2 months". Listen to the music that plays during the credits. That same instrumental tune is later heard on "Heart of a champion" during the bar scene, and if I'm not mistaken during another episode from the 4th season. Sounds a little like "texan" or "country" music, haha! I don't know how to classify it. I never heard it outside of QL, the same goes with the "runaway" piece and in "glitter rock", the tune that is being heard during the conversation with Sam and Dwayne when they're at his office discussing the "ranch business." These last two are not country or anything, they're from different genres. It's not only a dvd thing, I've checked both versions and that's how they were originally aired, too.
I think I know what you mean, and I've noticed them too, but I don't know what they're called or where you can find them. I guess that would be something interesting to ask Scott or even Velton Ray at a Quantum Leap convention, if there's another one, that is. Thank you for noticing by the way. This show has a lot of unsolved mysteries on its own.
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