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We visited a friend of ours a few weekends ago who is a retired Catholic priest. He lives alone in his family's former vacation home and says Mass weekly at the local parish, but isn't on the staff. He said that when he eats out (sans the collar), people recognize him and note what he ate, how much he drank, and who he was with and comment later and ask for his guidance and prayers. So, it's true - priests never really retire and they're always on call to give last rites, cover for someone else, or just be kind to others.

I think that Sam's leaping was driven by two things: he does have the do-gooder attitude that keeps him moving from assignment to assignment, but those assignments are "found" for him by Al the Bartender. That's the really wierd part of the "God's image" in my opinion.

Building Project Quantum Leap was Sam's way of applying to become a Leaper. Wonder what the other leapers did to be selected?
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