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Default 2014 QL meeting

Hi All,

First, I'll introduce myself. I liked/ was a fan of QL from the ages of 4ish-11. Then I forgot about QL because I didn't seem to have access to it. I didn't have any of the VHS and it didn't seem to be on t.v. anymore. At least not that I was aware of. A couple of months ago, I again became a fan . QL rocks my socks .

Since I missed all of the action when fans seemed to be at their most feverish (the 90's?). I would really like to meet everyone in 2014. I start my first job since I graduated from grad school on Monday so I should have enough cash in 2014. Here's to hoping. It would be neat too if we have it during the TimeTravel convention as I'm also a fan of DW. I've never been to any conventions before so I'm very excited if this does happen.
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