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This is interesting to think about. Al doesn't seem to be aware that he was "gone," so what does he remember? A timeline in which... let's see... the probability of court martial never got to 100%, but high enough that they had to find evidence that he was innocent. So he was the one who took Bingo out of the WR to be questioned, coming up with the idea of examining the car.

By the end of the episode, though, Bingo has leaped into himself and stopped the whole incident from happening in the first place, so there's actually nothing for Sam to leap in and fix. Makes me wonder if anybody remembers anything after Sam leaps. Would Al ever wonder why he felt compelled to keep Chip away from Marcy on that particular Saturday night? Or does he remember everything? I like to think that Al does remember the different timelines. For one thing, after Mirror Image, I like to think he can remember how different his life was without Beth, and that he can remember and appreciate what Sam did for him.

And I wonder if Ziggy can keep records of the different timelines, or if her programming changes accordingly.
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