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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
I have posted notes, comments, and screenshots of Quantum Leap in High Definition here:

The Blu-Rays by Mill Creek are a significant jump in picture quality over the original DVDs. When Universal put out Quantum Leap on iTunes and Amazon Video a few years back, they went back to the 35mm negatives and rescanned them to rebuild each episode in HD quality. Mill Creek took these scans and brightened them further, which has given a mixed result. On most episodes, this is an improvement. However on some of the moodier, darker episodes, it reveals a frustrating amount film grain and picture noise. M.I.A. is one of the worst as the Beth scenes were originally lit extremely dark and they should never have been brightened that much. At times it looks like they're in a snowstorm.

A Portrait for Troian was improperly framed when it was scanned. As a result, the picture is shifted to one side for the entire episode.

The leap-in for Hurricane has the leap-in effect in neon green instead of blue. This is puzzling since it is correct on the previous episode.

Finally, I wish they had gone back to each source episode to rebuild the Saga Sell and Main Titles. Because they used an optical printer to "copy-and-paste" to build them way back in the 90's, they are just far too noisy and have too much gate jitter (the image sliding left to right and up and down within the frame) to stand up to modern TVs. Here's my recreation of the Season 3 Saga Sell:

As for the music and sound, it is 100% there and perfect. No more glitchy audio on Jimmy. All the songs are restored including "Georgia" on M.I.A. And unlike the iTunes/Amazon video, the second half of the Genesis pilot is not the syndicated cut episode but the full original episode. All the intro sequences and leaps are correct.

Wow,Thanks for the links and in depth review. I am so glad they restored the original music in this release as it was integral to establishing authenticity to the time he would be in and the emoitional impact and feeling of the situations,Especially the Beth scene in MIA.

Does the graininess present a problem on the regular release or merely the Blu-ray version? Would you recommend I buy the Blu-ray over the regular one
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