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I always found it a fun and enjoyable episode. It's curious that Sam really did change the beginning of Elvis's career. Unlike the Lee Harvey Oswald and Marilyn Monroe episodes where Sam's actions created the real life history.

I suspect there are a couple reasons for this. While Elvis died much too young the episode has nothing to do with the end of his life. So the show did not feel like it had to respectful to real history be preserved. Ultimately the episode is tribute to the Legend of Elvis as much as his real life. Particularly his movies. Most of his movies had random musical numbers just like that scene at the Diner. Also he never played characters named Elvis but usually were fictional versions of himself. In fact at least two of his films are about unknown upcoming coming musicians being discovered. Though the details are not exactly like Elivs's real discovery. Most certainly they wanted Sam to play full Rock and Roll songs. Some of the real songs he auditioned with that Al mentions are not actual Rock at all.
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