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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
So my best friend and I watched this episode tonight. It was my first watch in years since this is one of my least favorite episodes so it was essentially like I'd never watched it before other than two vague memories: Al getting Sam to rush out in his underwear to see Marilyn Monroe in her pool and Sam hurting her when he won't promise to always be there for her(which is one of my least favorite things about this episode).

After watching it tonight, we discussed how it's unclear what Sam's initial task was.
Clearly Barbara was not hired in the original timeline as it took Sam's convincing. This caused a significant ripple effect on Marilyn Monroe who was nearly sent to an earlier grave and then nearly lost her role in The Misfits.

So Sam ended up spending the episode cleaning up his mess but what had he been supposed to do before he'd even made a mess? Before he'd hired Barbara?

My thought is possibly another Peggy Sue, that he'd needed to ensure The Misfits was correctly titled. What significance does this have? Well this related to the 'Trivial Leap' discussion in the General forum. Perhaps it didn't get as popular under the original title or was never released. Who knows?

My best friend's theory is that perhaps he needed to get Barbara's career launched. She was essentially harmless; she didn't seem to intend any serious harm to Marilyn, she just wanted to keep her from the rehearsal. She just wanted the role. Trying to steal that role, The Misfits role could have been what accomplished that. Hudson was clearly impressed with her or was at least captured by her attractive body, so perhaps he could have passed on her name. This would eliminate her need to con her way into roles. Al never does say what became of her though.

I'm unsure what else it could have been, since obviously it wasn't to save Marilyn Monroe's life.
Actually it WAS to save Marilyn Munroe's life. In the original timeline (when Sam leapt in) Marilyn originally died of an overdose during the party. Sam saved her, thus changing to the history that we all know. He then had to make sure Marilyn did her last movie, the Misfits.
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