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Alright but she went to that party in the first place because of Barbara and Sam hired Barbara. It was implied she wasn't originally hired. Thus wouldn't she not have attended the party originally? Or at least that's how my best friend and I read it.

Or if I am incorrect and she still would have attended the party without Barbara, two alternate scenarios were at play with her having died at the party:
1.) Sam is not present and Marilyn Monroe never hires Barbara --> The Misfits never exists because it ceases production when she dies.
2.) Sam hired Barbara --> Barbara cons her way into the lead female role which I assume GTFW considers a faulty scenario because the film was less successful this way and/or with the film Marilyn had made a more memorable exit.
And as a side note in either of these, the film was never retitled 'The Misfits' because that was Marilyn's suggestion (via Sam).

As you stated in your last post, the events of this episode really are difficult to follow.

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