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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
Quote: Though some points seemed inconsistent with the first episode such as how Alia's leaping works. In Deliver Us... Zoey tells her that pulling the trigger on Sam could be "The one that gets you home" while in this episode it is made clear that they control her leaping.
"Lothos, pull Alia out now!"
This however is debatable.

Indeed. I would debate that there is an essential difference between 'pull Alia out' and 'get you home'. They could have the power to force a leap out, without the control to return the leaper to the point of origin. They could simply be bouncing her on direct to a new assignment, or even just into a new body in the same leap, such as happened with Sam in Double Identity when he switched from Frankie to the Don.
That's essentially what I'd went on to consider after acknowledging that the point was debatable.
Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
For example, it's come to my consideration that perhaps the Evil project is her prison and thus 'going home' means that Lothos or in my personal head canon the devil would set her free rather than that she'd leap home as it is defined for Sam.
On a side, unrelated note it's great to see you again Helen.

This however is also an interesting take:
Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
My take is that Alia didn't complete her first mission in time, or simply wasn't told about it, and so she became lost in time like Sam was.
However it is contradicted by the fact that they can pull her out of a leap and back to their project.

The fact that she was tortured after failing to pull the trigger on Sam in Deliver Us... does quite suggests that she's a prisoner of her project. Ironic however that we learn in Revenge that their leaper wasn't supposed to be Alia but Zoey who'd suggested her instead to repay a favor. Something I wish they'd elaborated on.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
I do get what you're saying, you would think that with a good leaper out there doing the exact opposite of what Lothos wanted, Lothos might scan for his presence before sending his leaper. But with the chance of Sam being there slim to none, he probably thought that this was negligible. It's the difference between knowledge and wisdom and the fact that Lothos is just, after all, a computer...
I see what you're saying, Lothos could have detected Sam but didn't check since there is no likely hood of him once again appearing in one of Alia's leaps. That makes sense.
Interestingly though when Zoey says that it's "a fantastic stroke of luck" she also then suggests "Or perhaps a test to see if you've improved". I suppose that could have just been her being a b**** and messing with Alia's head?

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Yes, even though Season 5 had a lot of negative points, one thing I really liked was how much more involved the project was. I liked the fact that in LHO, the purpose of the leap was to solve the conspiracy (not necessarily to change it), and so that meant interrogation of Oswald in the waiting room was necessary and also to observe his life and the assassination. I liked the fact that the Dr Ruth leap had happened so that Al could receive counselling in the future. And I liked the fact that part of this leap had the purpose of counselling Arnold. The only thing I would have changed with the Waiting Room scenes in this episode would be to have Dr Beeks there as well - after all, she was the psychiatrist, not Al. But I also think that Al needed to be there, as Arnold trusted him...
Agreed one of the finer points of the fifth season is getting some scenes at the project. Something I would have liked to see in some earlier episodes where it would have been significant such as The Leap Home and Shock Theater. Particularly in Shock Theater I believe projects scenes would have been powerful.
Then they used the scenes at the project for very interesting twists such as the Dr. Ruth thing as you mentioned.

I'm with you on including Beeks in on the sessions with Arnold especially since she was the basis of their getting to the core of Arnold's issues:
"Dr. Beeks says we should talk about your parents."
Bestie and I are quite disappointed that in both her short cameos on the show she doesn't have a single line. Which causes that fact that she'd actually had a line cut from The Leap Back to be even more unsettling.
Honestly I would have liked to see more of her in many areas of the show.

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