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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
Stargate went from great to just good into its second show, to awful in the third show. The new show had exactly ONE likeable character -- Eli -- a computer geek.

Let's see. One of the main characters is basically a Dr. Smith type character (yes from Lost in Space). Basically a totally unlikeable villain. Then you have a character who attempts to murder another character. And these two characters are on the "good guys" team. ROFL

Sorry, but that's not Stargate to me.
Personally I agree the original Stargate is the best, but I also really enjoyed Atlantis. I've not seen all of Universe, but I'm aware of all the controversy. I think from what I've seen it had potential but was in some ways set up to fail. But yes, Eli is a great character. Having met David Blue & exchanged tweets with him, I can say the actor is really likable too.

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