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Default Stargate

Many apologies Rodster, I had not realized that you were unaware of the fact that Stargate is no more. It saddens this Rodette too.
The franchise lives on - much like our beloved QL - in fanfic.
***Shameless plug.
I am even currently writing a crossover where Sam leaps into Dr. Daniel Jackson. When I met both Scott Bakula and Michael Shanks at LFCC Michael said it sounded like an interesting experiment. The two characters have quite a bit in common if you think about it.
I have written a story called 'The Long Haul' which can be found at or on AO3. [It was even reviewed by the Gatecast in one of their podcasts -] scroll down to the bottom.
***Shameless plug.
There are also many other fanfics from writers far superior to myself - from brief vignettes to mammoth 60+ chapter fics.
I can highly recommend "Razor's Edge" as a powerful short.
Let me know if you would like me to point you to any others [let me know what type of story you like best. It is all out there!]
I'm happy to fangirl Stargate with you any time, oh great and mighty Rod. Are you on any forums? PM me if you'd like.


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