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It was butted up against sports events that always ran long, so it was pre-empted frequently.
The timeslot was not consistent from one week to the next.
Advertising promoted it as an "action comedy".
Sound familiar? You can tell when a network has deprioritized a show.
Sounds like QL. And this?
Unfortunately, the management underwent a huge shakeup at Fox between the gestation of the show and the first episodes airing. The previous management was behind the show 100%. The replacements had no interest in it.
Sounds like ST:ENT, so I feel your pain.

Firefly also required a LOT of suspension of disbelief, so once the "fans" start nit-picking, it really gets picked to death - unfairly, in a way, because the sci-fi was always secondary to the characters and their development. It's a show that definitely should have gone for more seasons. The last episode, "Objects In Space," I think it's called, is pure poetry.
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