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Default Spoiler alert 'Stardust'

As I've mentioned in the music thread - the trial scene from 'Dangerous Beauty' stands out for me.
Powerful acting, superb script, masterfully directed.
Very moving, and funny yet sad at the same time. Clever.
You really have to know the premise of the film to get the most from it, but I think most people with an appreciation for the craft could see even in isolation that is an amazing piece of movie making.
The poetry duel from earlier in the film is brilliant too!

I also love the bit towards the end of 'Stardust' when the hero goes back to the girl [Victoria?] he thought he loved.
"Never mind," she tells him when he fails to give her the star she sent him for, "You know what I really want."
"Yes," he replies, "you want to grow up and get over yourself!"
When I saw it the whole audience erupted in a huge cheer at that. I love it when movie moments get a reaction like that.

As for TV -
the one that does it every time for me, even though I've now seen it dozens of times, is when Sam gets shot in the confessional in "Leap of Faith" and Al prays for him.
First time I saw it, I'd just heard the series had been cancelled,and thought they were actually killing Sam off, so the gasp as he fell with his head bleeding was genuine shock and horror and "Noooo, you can't kill Sam!"
Then to have Al echo the sentiment, and say how unfair it is - very moving.
As I said, the drama was not quite so intense on further viewings, since I knew Sam lived, but still, that heartfelt prayer from Al brings a lump to my throat every time.

There are others, but I leave it at that for now.

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